Why be an Ethical Direct Sellers Association member !!

* Understand the industry
* Call out scams
* Have a Top 10 list of Ethical Companies every year
* Learn not to become “Spammy Pammy”
* Online Training via Build Your Dream Business program
* Join our monthly mastermind
* Join our monthly group training
* Expert training from industry leaders
* Invited to our Online Summits
* Invited to our Retreats
* Invited to our Annual Conference
* Invited to our Awards Night

Our Build Your Dream Business program (part of our Membership), includes online program, mastermind and group training.


* Be interviewed on our TV Show & Podcast (Retire Your Hubby)

Being part of a global Association which has your best interests as their core values as part of their vision, mission and purpose…

What is happening in Direct Sales Globally?

Billion $USD Sold via Direct Sales in 2019
Million Independent Sales Reps Globally
Percent of Reps are Full Time Business Builders
Percent of Reps are Part Time Business Builders

Why Join the Ethical Direct Sellers Association?

Ethical Direct Sellers Association (EDSA):

Is all about bringing ethics, values and integrity to our industry.

We choose to do this because we have a passion for making the industry better and making this the one-stop career for those who want to work it as a business.

Our Association is here to call out unethical behaviour in the industry.
To make sure they don’t prey on people and take their money.


At the EDSA (Ethical Direct Sellers Association) we have a code of ethics for all our members.

Through this code of ethics our members are committed to practice their direct selling business under an ethical framework.


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