Top 10 Ethical Direct Selling / Network Marketing Companies In Australia

What makes them ethical, you ask. Well it is going from experience and from the conversations that we have had with sales reps.

The industry has been around for over 100 years and we want to acknowledge the company’s that are doing a great thing.


Every single person we have met in this company has been very helpful and not over the top in our face. Not trying to recruit us all the time and we haven’t been inbox spammed by any reps.  On the contrary they go above and beyond in their private FB group to help others.  We have a few as clients also but even before that every rep has been respectful to what we am doing for the industry.

Young Living

The reps don’t try to recruit us, they are nice and not over the top. They have shown us their product range without being salesy and not hounding us constantly to order or sign up.

Body Shop at Home

Great values behind the company, always living up to their brand of sourcing ethically. Even though the owner isn’t around anymore they still stick to their mission and vision for the business.  Every consultant has been helpful and their customer service is impeccable


Love that they are an ethical brand, they are an Australian company and all based on ethics and integrity. Every rep has been helpful and not over the top with trying to sell to us or recruit us. Their clothes are listed as being sourced ethically and this sits well us.


When you have an in home demo they never push sales, they are always helpful. Nothing is a problem, when meeting reps at events they are always polite, nothing is ever a challenge. They ask if you have another rep before they take you details down. To us that shows ethics and values which come from the company.

Postie Fashion

Every single rep has been so nice and helpful, we ordered online with one rep and she thanked us for the order.  The reps are always looking like a fashionista and have knowledge about their product. At events all reps are polite and don’t push themselves on others.

Salad Master

Their product is about helping the environment, always educating about their clients on healthy ways. You don’t need to cook with any oil, so another saving and a benefit in the long run. Been a client for many years and love the quality of their cook ware and that it has a life time guarantee.


Based on science this company has changed a few of my friends lives. Tracey’s son has been on their children’s supplements and not had an issue. Every rep we know is ethical in their approach and even won’t try to sell to us when they know we have someone else looking after us.

Fifth Avenue

We have ordered for years and their products have lasted. They don’t force you to join their business, the reps don’t spam and don’t come across as desperate for the sale.  Their brand is known for quality and they live up to that reputation.  In the past we had a client and she never forced us to purchase off her.


A great company to deal with when ordering, their product lasts and if you do have an issue they get on it straight away.  The reps have always been up front and ethical in their approach treating it like a business and just there to help their potential customers and customers.

There are over 300 companies based in Australia and these are 10 of the ones that we have dealt with in our 30 years of being in the industry.  This list is based on our experience and nothing more. We picked these companies with their ethics and values in mind and what they stand for in the wider community.

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