What is Direct Selling?

Selling is not a dirty word

Every single business either online or a shop front is directly selling to their customers. What makes the direct sales industry stand out is the personalised service.

What does a direct sales business look like and why are people scared that it is a “pyramid scheme”?

Let’s explore this, firstly customers come in all shapes and sizes and every person on this planet doesn’t want to be sold to.

So STOP doing it.

Find out more about the person what their likes and dislikes are, build up a relationship with them.

This “pyramid scheme” title keeps coming up on social media. It is disappointing to everyone in the industry that makes a great living conducting  their direct selling business ethically.

However when you point out to a potential customer, that nearly all businesses and governments in the world use a pyramid structure, the battle is usually won by yours truly.  

Scams are everywhere

Being in the industry for nearly 30 years I have seen some charlatans however I have made lifelong friends, used amazing products and made a great income.

Direct Sales or Selling is just another form of buying products that you want or need.

The convenience is that you can buy online at your own pace or you have someone come to your home and show you how to use the products (how awesome is that).

A big tip having learnt along the way is customers are the lifeblood of your business. Bookings, Sales, Team Members all come from having a great relationship with your customers/clients.

Build Relationships

Building those relationships takes time and having a genuine interest of others. Sending thank you cards, remembering children’s names, remember birthdays, this all build trust between you and your customers.

With more than 79% of the direct sales workforce being women there is a great chance that someone that you know has been in the industry since its inception.

This is fantastic for women who want to stay at home and have an income. The great thing is that direct sales can be a once-off order or it can lead to a passive income that generates sales over and over again from just one customer.

Once the children go to school you have a business that works for you and your family.

Direct Sales or Direct Selling doesn’t judge, it enables everyone a chance, anywhere from 16 years of age, you can start your own business.

The start-up costs are low for your own business compared to a bricks and mortar business. Some companies allow you to join for FREE, others allow you to pay off your kit.

The great thing is you can work your own hours and the earning potential in some companies is unlimited.

There are so many options with more than 300 different direct sales companies in Australia. The Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA) is a great place for information about the companies.

The first thing you must do before joining with a company is to make sure they are a member of the DSAA.

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