“How Enagic are leaving families in debt under the guise of running their own online business”

We really didn’t think we would be writing about this “Scam” again but it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Not a nice gift at all actually it is like passing on a rotten egg that gets worse from person to person.

Enagic is a very established company however it is using Affiliate Marketing company’s to sell its water filtration systems.

These company’s have terrible reputations and are putting people into debt.

Rotten Eggs are everywhere

GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone) was around a few years ago and it was shaking up the Affiliate Marketing scene.

First they had 100% automation, online training, getting the reps to put posts on Facebook talking about their income (highly unethical).

Example: I just made $3,700 this week and not really explaining anything about how they did it.

Attraction Marketing

This is known as piquing interest or attraction marketing.

These are tactics that alot of experienced marketers use, however in our industry it just looks icky.

What is this?

Attraction Marketing is a marketing method that allows you to identify and attract people who are already looking to buy exactly what it is you are selling.

Attraction marketing is the polar opposite of bugging, begging, chasing or convincing people to listen to you “Matt Zavadil

Some use (FOMO) Fear of missing out mentality – this can be shown when the reps put up the amount of $$ they were earning in a week.

This form of attraction marketing does work for a while but:

Once people find out what it is and that they have to spend thousands of dollars to buy in, that does turn a lot of people off the industry.

Using a scarcity model of attraction marketing is another way that Freedom Era tap into vulnerable people.

They may be looking for extra money and getting sucked into a SCAM…

Pure and simple what Freedom Era are doing is scamming people out of their hard earned money.

The history of GAZ and Freedom Era

They were know as GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone) a few years ago when we were investigating them.

Here is a link to our articles and even SBS a television station in Australia did a documentary on GAZ and Freedom Fest (from Freedom Era founders).

GAZ (global affiliate zone) a ponzi scheme? | Media Connections

GAZ (global affiliate zone) investigation | Media Connections

Shiny New Object

A wolf in sheep’s clothing – going from Affiliate to Attraction Marketing doesn’t make it legal….

What we mean by this is changing the name from Affiliate Marketing to Attraction Marketing doesn’t change what really is happening with Freedom Era.

Using the Enagic range which has been around for over 40 years and did try to come to Australia under the guise of Kangen Water.

Changing name doesn’t change your spots!

Why again is this shit happening, really why. GAZ left and then re-emerged as another company only to disappear again.

Now they are the Freedom Era – another name doesn’t make it a proper company (it is still a scam) you don’t have to change company to know it is a ponzi.

Doing research have shown us a thinly veiled attempt at saying they have a “training program” but the real push is to sign their people up to the water filtration system by another company (Enagic – water filtration systems).

You don’t go into much debt for the training program (around $60 to $90 a month) but for the water systems they range from $2,500 to $15,000.

These tactics are so disgraceful and give the industry a bad name.

The industry has been around for hundreds of years, together with great company’s there are ponzi and pyramid schemes too.

Calling out Scams

As an Association for the industry we are calling out this and other unethical and immoral behaivour that doesn’t serve the sales reps in the industry.

Putting people in that much debt is not in their best interest.

This industry is not known for making income claims but that doesn’t stop Freedom Era from advertising it when those reps were with GAZ.

When debt isn’t good

The debt is not explained properly to the new reps at all.

You are given a loan and that loan has repayments. If you don’t make the money you have to take that money out of your own pocket.

Having a loan for $10k costs around $450 a month. If you don’t recruit then you are out of pocket this amount.

Without recruiting you are also paying out for the “training” which from being told by my source was not up to any sort of standard.

For $60 a month you get access to the Facebook group, their “training” but to access the bigger income you need to put yourself into debt (oh joy).

What is in it for Enagic?

As an affiliate of Enagic they pay you 30% commission of the water filtration systems.

This means you can earn anything from $750 to $4,500. Now this is a big reason for Enagic to allow this scamming to continue.

So as you can see this is why they want to ‘push’ you into selling the water systems so they make money off whatever you buy.

These systems are one-off sales so you are always looking for more and more customers (suckers). This is where all the company’s like Freedom Era are in their element.

Finding others doing the same SCAM….

We tracked down other company’s that are doing the same thing as Freedom Era and they are doing the same Attraction Marketing Scam.

Online Marketing Mentors “Darren and Mike” are Helping People Launch an Online Business from Scratch and Completely Transform their Lives (yahoo.com)

Darren and Mike in the Media – Online Marketing Mentors | Vancouver, BC

How can you help?

Should you see any of these Scams around contact us: admin@ethicaldirectsellersassociation.org

Also check out: https://www.dsa.org/ or https://directselling.org.au/ (Direct Selling Association)

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