Direct Marketing Tactics

Common Direct Marketing Tactics – Online and Offline

marketing tactics

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is what we do when we marketing or sell directly to customers.

In this instance it is how the method is done: Network Marketing, Direct Selling, MLM or Affiliate Marketing are all forms of Direct Marketing that we are talking about in this article.

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Getting your Marketing Tactics working for you!

We know you are very excited about your new direct marketing business.

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We’re excited with you.

Now it’s time to tell people about your new direct marketing business and to get them excited.

Below we outline some common online and offline marketing tactics.

We’ve outlined in other articles the importance of a detailed marketing plan.

These are common and chances are that you will utilise some or all of these tactics.

But you should only implement them after a proper marketing planning process.

That way you’ll know how to utilise these tactics most effectively and what you should be saying on them.

Here are some common offline tactics.

Flyers – Believe it or not, a well designed flyer can still be effective if used properly.

Why do you think supermarkets still deliver to letterboxes.

You need to be careful though.

You should use repeat flyers – often delivering to the same area on more than one occasion.

Networking Events – You are a business owner now.

Business owners attend networking events.

You should look at different networking events in your community and see if there are any worth attending.

Stalls at Events – Your product may be suited to selling at local events like school or church fetes.

You can often do this quite cheaply.

Presentations/Demonstrations – Often done in-home, presentations and demonstrations are often your best option as these allow your clients and prospects to touch and feel your products.

Get on the phone – Sometimes you just need to get on the phone to talk to your clients or prospects.

This can be done prior to presentations to invite them along or it could be a follow up call to try to make a sale or set up a second appointment

There are also a number of effective online marketing tactics.
We have shared a brief outline on each of these below:

Social Media – You may have heard that the average person maintains 5 social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

It’s important that you identify your ideal client as this will help you decide which platforms are best suited to promoting your business (Free tip: You will have to be on Facebook. EVERYONE is on Facebook.)

Email Marketing – An email newsletter and other email marketing opportunities can be a great way to keep in touch with your existing clients but email can also be a good way to turn prospects into customers.

Blogging – We blog. This is a blog post. We use it as a great way to share useful information with you, whether you are a client or a prospect.

It helps us with our own branding but also with Search Engine Optimisation.

Guest Posting – Sometimes you get the opportunity to share a post on someone else’s website – promoting yourself to their audience.

This can be a great way to build your profile as well as collaborating with other business owners along the way.

Collaboration is another marketing tactic that can be a win/win for so many, we use it for our Facebook Group to interview experts in their field.

We have shared with you some great tactics here but please remember to do more planning of your whole marketing strategy before implementing these tactics.

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