Affiliate Marketing the Pros and Cons

What is Affiliate Marketing?  

In the dictionary it is:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate‘s own marketing efforts.

Don’t always believe all the stories about Affiliate Marketing, they aren’t a “get rich quick” scheme.

Unfortunately that is what seems to be touted on social media at the moment.

It can be your side hustle

Affiliate marketing is something that you can do as a side hustle to supplement your job.


A business


Network Marketing gig.

The whole premise that it is a “get rich quick” really annoys me so much because everything you do is work pure and simple.

You don’t have a system that is 90% automated like some lead you to believe.

You have to put in hours and hours of posting, working, inboxing etc, the list goes on and on.

Make informed decisions, do your homework

We live in a world of information overload and oversharing.

Which means you get people sprouting income claims, lifestyle claims and more.

Don’t believe all the hype until you read the fine print (I am sure all the bitcoin MLM peeps wish that had).

Nothing that says it is easy money or 90% automated (touted on social media) is true.

You still have to sell, you still have to recruit, you still have to entice with bullshit posts.


That is right people these posts are just that something that you wouldn’t even feed to your worst enemy.

Be ethical in your approach

This is giving the industry a bad name, affiliate marketing is everywhere in everything we do.

What does that mean you ask well if you go to the movies and recommend it to a friend or 10.

Then it is a referral, a business will pay you for that.

Yes it is that simple.

So please take that into consideration when you are next reading a friend, acquaintances or long lost buddies post, take the time to investigate before you fall for the easy money cycle.

Where are you going to get information

We just did a google search and it came up with nearly 5 million results, boy does that get confusing especially when people only look at page 1.

Dr Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

That’s right some information on the internet isn’t the truth.

Due diligence is what is needed to do a more extensive search.

Why we care about you

Now for someone like us who has been in direct selling and sales over 30 years we can usually weed the good from the bad.

For someone that is a novice, that is a different situation.

We implore you to really research everything and if you have questions turn to trusted sources.

Not just the ‘friend’ who is getting a kick back for you joining their Affiliate Marketing model.

Choose wisely

There are so many choices, so many ways to do it and it is a minefield. How do you pick the good from the bad/evil (meaning take your money and run).

  • Look at trends in the market
  • Does it fit with your values?
  • Are the products of service of benefit to you personally or professionally?
  • Do you see it all over social media with income claims?
  • Read many articles on it to gauge the interest
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How to get involved in Affiliate Marketing

Getting involved is something that can be as easy as signing up online to your favourites stores and getting a kickback when you refer someone and they buy from them.

Which sounds great as you a shopping there anyway right?

Just don’t fall into the trap of buying for the sake of buying, yes you heard it here from a woman that we don’t need to shop all the time (I know it pains me to say).

Others have a bit more to them:
meaning they sign u up for a monthly or yearly fee and give you commission based on orders of others.  

Sometimes affiliate marketing is done in a sneaky way which is where we have drawn the line and am not writing this article to show that being ethical in any form of business is the only way to go.

Not to say that we are distrustful or a cynic far from it, we just want the facts and don’t give us the fluff and puff.  

Don’t have ‘phishing’ posts which are pathetic and take us back to the 80’s with tactics that Amway used to do, It was shitful then and is even worse now.

Income Claims are just not “Kosher”

Exaggerated income claims should be avoided according to Direct Selling Australia.

They must be  truthful, accurate and based on documented facts in the local market.

They are also illegal by the companies that you represent.  

Not everyone is a “Scam” Artist

Many ways to be involved in affiliate marketing and there are some great people who do it and make a great living Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, if done with ethics and values in mind it can be just as lucrative as anything you do.

Affiliate Marketing is just another JOB

You have to remember that all of this regardless if it is a job, network marketing, starting your own business or affiliate marketing it is WORK.

It isn’t that money falls from the sky or from the money tree in the backyard, far from it.

You need to put in the hard yards, get the knock backs.

Everyone has a chance with Affiliate Marketing

Everyone can dip their fingers into AM but it is the few that will make it a successful 7 or 8 figure business, why do we say that like we said before it is work and people are just too lazy and want it handed on a silver platter.

Some reputable ones include:

  1. Amazon
  2. Bluehost Hosting
  4. Microsoft
  5. Itunes

So remember the advice above when researching as there is a lot of choice around.

Book in for a strategy session to help you find the right fit for your lifestyle: Strategy Session

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