5 Simple things to do in Network Marketing

Is your warm market the best place to start for your Network Marketing business?

In Network Marketing we are told to do a list, think of who is in our warm market that we can talk to blah blah blah, I call bullshit on this.  

YES, I know I am just poo pooing advice given by so many leaders but guess what in this day and age people are very savvy and remember there is Dr Google too.   

My disclaimer is I have done this too, I have gotten the list out but it didn’t resonate with me at all.

Time to shake it all up in Network Marketing

That is why I am saying it now, it is time to try something different to get quality or qualified team or customers.

It has always been my motto to “Don’t Quit”, however something keeps popping up all the time and I wanted to share with you Work Smarter not Harder, yes that’s right.  

When the going gets tough some people run for the hills, others put their head in the sand, some take is at a challenge.

Build your business with values in mind for Network Marketing

This business is built on the school of hard knocks, really I hear you saying well yes we have to overcome a lot of adversity because the industry isn’t seen in a good light (see this article: Network Marketing).

Here I want to share with you 5 simple things you can do to make your business last the distance and also work for you and your family instead of costing you money and time.

  1. Treat it like a business from the start
  • This means that you don’t play a small game
  • You look more professional
  • Know, Like and Trust starts earlier
  • Keep the mentality of would I employ me

2. Identify your target audience as soon as you sign up

  • This gets away from the writing of a list
  • Stops you nagging your friends, family and acquaintances
  • You speak the language of your potential customers or team

3. Niche your product or service down as soon as you sign up

  • You then look like the expert in your field
  • Solving ideal customers or teams challenges quicker
  • Easier to qualify customers or team

4. Brand you not your company

  • You stand out when there are 20 million people selling the thing
  • Looking like the expert and an influencer
  • Have your own unique website, social media profile

5. Nail one social media platform then move on

  • Build your following on one platform
  • Start getting customers or team on that platform
  • Get sales on that platform
  • Have a return on your investment (ROI) either time or $

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