Ethical Companies in Australia for Direct Marketing – Top 10

What is Direct Marketing?

We have written a great article on this topic What is Direct Marketing which explains it and more.

Tracey has been involved in Direct Marketing for over 30 of years, both as a sales representative and now as CEO / Chairperson of Ethical Direct Sellers Association.

Results for 2020

Last year in 2020 we have listed the Top 10 Ethical Companies in Australia, therefore, we have decided to start our 2021 list.

Hoping you see your Company on the list and if not reach out. We want to have a variety companies on the list for 2022.

How we compiled the list

This list was because the CEO / Chairperson conducted interviews and research into the practices of the nominees and awarded points in the following areas:

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Overall Ethicality
  • Ethics in Direct Marketing Practices
  • Marketing Strategy

So below is our Top 10 Ethical Companies in Australia for Direct Marketing.

The list only contains Companies that are B2C (Business to Consumer) to make it easier to find them.

There is also a section at the end of each description that includes websites and blogs of these businesses that you can visit to learn more about them.

The Body Shop at Home

Great values behind the company, always living up to their brand of sourcing ethically.

Even though the owner isn’t around anymore they still stick to their mission and vision for the business.

Every consultant has been helpful and their customer service is impeccable.

Find them here:

They are also a member of Direct Selling Australia


When you have an in home demo they never push sales, they are always helpful.

Nothing is a problem, when meeting reps at events they are always polite, nothing is ever a challenge.

They ask if you have another rep before they take you details down.

To us that shows ethics and values which come from the company.

Find them here:

They are also a member of Direct Selling Australia

Postie Fashion

Every single rep has been so nice and helpful, we ordered online with one rep and she thanked us for the order.  

The reps are always looking like a fashionista and have knowledge about their product.

At events all reps are polite and don’t push themselves on others.

Find them here:

They are also a member of Direct Selling Australia


Every single person we have met in this company has been very helpful and not over the top in our face.

Not trying to recruit us all the time and we haven’t been inbox spammed by any reps.  

On the contrary they go above and beyond in their private FB group to help others. 

We have a few as clients also but even before that every rep has been respectful to what we am doing for the industry.

Find them here:

Lorraine Lea

Great quality products and the company is Australian owned.

They have been in business since 1986 from South East Melbourne.

Keeping up with the current trends means that they stay relevant even 30 years later.

Find them here:

They are also a member of Direct Selling Australia


Neways was founded way back in 1987 by Thomas and Leslie Mower. The company was originally named “Images and Attitudes,” which is about as 80s sounding as giant bangs and magenta eyeshadow. Good thing they decided to change it in 1992.

They became Modere in 2013 and have been evolving ever since. They have kept some of the amazing Neways range and added to it.

There are many reps around the world now doing Modere.

Ethical Direct Sellers Association love the fact they are customer focused over everything else.

Find them here:

They are also a member of Direct Selling Australia


This company started only July 2020 during a global pandemic. Using these products has helped keep the house clean and rid of smells.

Propre is an Australian company and we look forward to more years of them and their great quality products.

Find them here:


Since 2008 they have been promoting their oils around. They started in America and are now in 40 countries including Australia.

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Australia and New Zealand plans to support community development projects in Co-Impact Sourcing areas in Australia and New Zealand in the coming years.

Find them here:

Ariix (New Age)

This company has a variety of brands under Ariix (New Age) which was founded in 2011 by ex Usana members.

NuCerity was skincare & wellness Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company founded in 2008. They became part of the Ariix company a few years ago.

Ariix have 8 brands under their umbrella, and are rebranding to New Age. Their business model is very smart as they are taking on company’s that have great products and getting the backing of a big name.

They are in over 23 countries and sure to grow further.

Find them here:

Pro-Ma Systems (Aust)

Another great Australian company since 1983. They are in 5 other countries and have the brand Grace Cosmetics.

It is fantastic to see another Australian company still around even with the global pandemic.

Find them here:

They are also a member of Direct Selling Australia


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