Online FREE Summit June 2021

Really it is no surprise that over 80% of people in the industry are not making 'rockstar income'.
Many are doing more than one company too, this spreads your talents too thin.
A lot of people get into the industry not knowing what Network Marketing is and just follow what the others are doing.
This leads to spamming, copy/paste (doing what everyone else is doing) and pissing off your friends.

In our 2 days we cover:

  • Thinking outside the square
  • Looking at your way of thinking
  • How you are voicing your business
  • Utilising your wisdom to serve your customers
  • Learn all about exchanging information in an ethical way
  • Change your thoughts to reach more team
  • Your frame of mind sets you apart from others
  • Choosing words that represent you and your brand
  • Communicating effectively

This will turn your business on its head and deliver you results that are targeted to your goals.

The results you will achieve are:

  • Having a better mental attitude
  • Personal Development
  • Mindset

Walk away with:

  • New ways to help your mindset
  • Clear communication

We have amazing speakers lined up:


FREE Online Summit Timetable:

Day 1:

9.30am Intro & Welcome

10am to 10.30am  Laura Bender

            "Mind Matters; Strong From the Inside Out"

10.30am to 11am Armida Martinez

        "Unlocking the power of forgiveness and gratitude to live an empowered life"

11am to 12pm  Dr Elizabeth Clamon

      "The Science of Brand Story: Stories Grab Attention, Elicits Emotion, and Leave a Memorable Impact"


12pm to 1pm Lunch and Breakout Rooms

1pm to 2pm Aleshia Brown

          Purposeful Thinking, "The Language of Purpose."

2pm to 3pm Wendy Pickett

Break Free From Your Toxic Business Relationships And Make More Money!

3pm to 3.30pm  FUN

3.30pm to 4pm Catharine Ross

         "Tapping into Manifesting Money with EFT"

           4pm to 4.30pm Chelsea Winer

"Empowering Yourself to Empower Others"

4.30pm to 4.45pm Close up


FREE Online Summit Timetable:

Day 2:

9.30am Networking

10am to 10.30am Sandra Madafferi

"The Secrets Hidden in Language"

10.30am to 11am Eugenia Gomez

"Unconditional love in business: positive communication with clients, self, and money"

11am to 12pm Diana Zivanovic

"Communication (not sex) sells"


12pm to 1pm Lunch and Breakout Rooms


1pm to 2pm Deborah Fryer

"How to Speak Abundance Fluently"

2pm to 2.30pm Anissa Reid

"Your Brand Identity and Value"

2.30pm to 3pm Pooja Kelkar

"Get comfortable with failure to be successful"

3pm to 3.30pm   FUN

3.30pm to 4.30pm Bree Zampogna

"Success Blueprint"

4.30pm to 5pm Wrap Up/Networking and where to from here




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