At the EDSA (Ethical Direct Sellers Association) we have a code of ethics for all our members. Through this code of ethics our members are committed to practice their direct selling business under an ethical framework.

Our code is here to establish standards for dealing with potential, current and past customers, potential, current and past team members and the general public by giving everyone correct information and being transparent about everything you provide to them.

The code of ethics by EDSA is here to give the public peace of mind that independent direct sales representatives who are EDSA members have agreed to and must continue to comply with this code of ethics.

One of the most significant roles of the EDSA is to increase the community’s understanding and build trust in the industry, as well as the encouragement of this being an excellent way to purchase products in the current climate by supporting independent direct sales representatives from a variety of companies to keep the economy alive in a sustainable way.

The Code of Ethics ensures that EDSA Members must:

Core Value 1 – Be transparent in the way you recruit and present your company and the industry (including income and product claims)

Core Value 2 – Be pro-active in keeping yourself accountable to the industry and continue to be involved with ongoing business and personal development training included in your ESDA membership

Core Value 3 – Be professional at all times when representing your company or the industry

Core Value 4 – Adhere to the agreement you have with your company

Core Value 5 – Tell your customers and team about any of your company’s cooling off periods, returns/cancellation policies and guarantee terms openly

Treat others as you want to be treated (Golden Rule)