Build Your Dream Business Program

Consistent Work = Consistent Results

Our program is designed for the Direct Marketer who is ready to take control of their career.

Introduction Unit:

  • Getting Started in Direct Marketing (tapping included)
  • Time Management
  • Mindset & Law of Attraction

Unit 1: How to run a business

  • Business Planning
  • Business Goals
  • Business Actions

Unit 2: How to Sell

  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Goals
  • Finances
  • Cash-Flow
  • Budgeting with a difference

Unit 3: Knowing your customers

  • Niching
  • Setting up your target market
  • Identifying your ideal customers

Review Unit: Great way to be accountable

  • Progression of Business Goals
  • Business Plan
  • Vision Board
  • Finances
  • Niching
  • Procrastination

Unit 4: Customers, Communication, Branding and more

  • How to find your ideal customers
  • Communication Plan
  • Branding and image
  • How to promote your business

Unit 5: Marketing

  • Marketing Plan
  • Building relationships Marketing
  • Client Appreciation Marketing

Unit 6: Closing

  • Closing Sales
  • Scripting

Unit 7: Cross Selling, Upselling, Followup and the 3x3x3 rule

  • Back-end sales (cross selling and upselling)
  • Follow up (how to)
  • 3x3x3 Rule

Unit 8: Team 

  • What is a Team and why have one
  • Manager V’s Leader
  • Leadership Skills

There are also bonus modules which will also enhance your business

Review Unit: 

  • Progression of your marketing plan
  • Back-end systems
  • Team Building


This online program is getting units added to it constantly.