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Earn what you deserve in Direct Marketing, YES it is possible!!

What do you deserve it?

That is a question that all of us need to ask ourselves all the time. What does deserve mean to you? Does it mean you just sit back and do nothing? or does it mean you work and get rewarded.

Why, you ask?

Well it shows that you are being active with your life and wanting to plan it out.

You are one of the exceptions because you are looking at plans, goals, action and not just letting life pass you by.

Life does throw us curve balls constantly and you know what that is ok. It really depends on how you want to deal with it that makes the difference.

For example: my first venture into being an co-author

I was feeling really crappy and didn’t think I was anything special then an opportunity came up to be be part of a collaboration book.

Do I deserve it?

My first thought is I am not worth it, I couldn’t do that because I can’t get my words out coherently. I also was thinking these others in the book are so much better than me, me being in the book would ruin it for them.

As you see this self-talk was beating me up and it wasn’t until another co-author talked about his story that I realised, I needed to get mine out to the world.

I was going to pull out the day before we were due to hand in our first draft because the doubt crept in again, I turned to this co-author again and he said if I pulled out he would.

Well being a people pleaser I couldn’t allow that to happen.

So I then it was time to hand in the first draft, then update and of course we had to have a launch because there were 16 of us in the book.

As you can see things come before you on your life journey, you need to decide door A or door B.

Why the Direct Marketing model?

This is a tough question in some ways because not many people understand it unless they have been in it before.

The model itself is quite simple really, you buy wholesale, you sell retail and you build a team.

Also the advantage anyone can join from FREE or with a small investment.

However that is making it out to be easy, when in reality it is a business and needs business structures, goals, planning and systems.

You can work anywhere with a Direct Marketing business and most people love it for that reason, but guess what you need to WORK….

Your family and you deserve a lifestyle….

Imagine what it is like to be working and slogging the shit out of your life and still not getting ahead, well this is one type of person.

The Side Hustle person, the person who works f/time and so does their partner but they are not getting ahead.

Side Hustle Person (deserving of more income)

What qualities does this person have and what makes them tick…

They are the one who works their a… off but they aren’t getting ahead, they know there is a better way to earn money but not sure how.

Seem to be scared to try the business but see their friend going on holiday and earning money from home, they then ask questions and dip their toe in slowly.

I mean they do it slowly because they are still working f/time, have kids to get to and from school, activities and home.

Sometimes they aren’t sure what they are doing but keep going because they have the security of their f/time job.

Get Rich Quick Person (be weary)

The next person is the Get Rich Quick person, the person who wants to get in and wants to make money without doing any work.

These are the people that give the industry a shitful name, they are the ones that usually spam the shit out of you. Saying they have an “opportunity” and it is the best thing for you. You don’t have to do much, I don’t..

They make out that it is easy peasy and they aren’t doing anything and the money is coming.

This is bullshit and we all know it. This person is working but claiming they don’t, this is their way of marketing the business with unethical tactics.

Avoid this person like the plague.

Shiny New Object Person (they seem to be a bit lost)

Last person talking about in this article is Shiny New Object person, this is the person who joins your team then joins your friends team, then joins another company without doing much at all.

They can’t see anything wrong with it because they just want the discount nothing else.

Oh the “Grass is Greener” bullshit, yep sometimes it may be but often it isn’t.

Some people want to join the latest craze, eg: newest skincare (in pre-launch), any new company because they want to be on the ground floor.

They deserve to find an upline that has their best interest not someone who just wants a number

Guess what that doesn’t mean you are going to be successful.

Some people join an older company and can be more successful than someone who joins a business in pre-launch.

I knew someone in the industry who was with 8 company’s, yep and this person couldn’t work out why they weren’t earning any money.

Whoever signed this person up needs to have a good hard look at themselves, this shit is ruining the industry and giving it a bad name.

Info about stuff that can impact your journey……

Have you ever felt that you aren’t living the life you deserve or earning enough money to support your family?

I have found that far too long women in Network Marketing aren’t earning what they deserve.

Research has shown that over 70% of people in the industry are women and only 3% of the industry are making “rock star income”.

Over the past 30 years I have worked in the industry. Creating teams of active people. These members went from no team to leading hundreds of people.

They all went from non-active team to active team and also finding leaders.

Our Team Growth Formula is something for you to join as it offers many tips to grow a business with values and integrity.

Now is the best time because you are leaving so much residual income behind and not living your greatness.

It’s Your Journey

Why you set plans, goals and put it all into action

The most successful people in our industry do these things, yep ask them (or better yet read about them on Direct Selling News or Business from Home.

What is your earning potential in Direct Marketing?

Well with some companies it can be capped for different parts of their compensation plan but don’t let that put you off.

You can still earn residual income that pays you every week or month.

This is the fun part of our industry in the fact you can sell to one customer over and over again but only selling to them once.

Meaning they are buying off you all the time and it is residual income that you don’t have to do work for.

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