Deciding to leave your Network Marketing company and is the grass greener on the other side?

Being in Network Marketing for as long as I have been; sometimes it was so tempting to leave the company I was in and join another.

30 years in Network Marketing

Over the 30 years, I have tried a few different companies.

Thinking that they were the next best thing, well guess what that wasn’t true.

Their compensation plan and model was fantastic but earning your way to the top all had too many hurdles.

These “hurdles” are in every single company, it is about you and what you want. I have learnt that having my own vision, mission and purpose (why) helps me find the best fit.

Took a long time to realise this, I think being a mentor and trainer for the industry has shown me this alot quicker than if I just fumbled my way around everything alone.

Shiny New Object

Shiny new object syndrome comes up for alot of people who get into the industry and go “oh this one will be better” not realising the only way something is going to work for you is if you have a plan.

A plan you say YES it will help you decide on what company would be best for you, check out our memberships that include FREE resources and more:

Plannning: I know it is boring

Planning sounds really boring I know, however, it will help you decide on a better fit without you buying into one company and realising their values, ethics and integrity don’t align with you.

Choosing a Network Marketing Company

I don’t know about you but for me if I ever did get back into being active in Network Marketing I would want the following things:

  • Global reach
  • Company with no debt
  • Selection of consumable products
  • Being able to advertise on social media without restrictions

So before you jump across to the another Network Marketing company, do some real research.

You can always book a FREE strategy session with our mentor:

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